Buy Maritime Support Services online!



Buy Maritime Support Services online!

Save 30% and more
on direct service costs.

Get better service quality.

Save time and effort,
buy risk free.


As one of the leading classification societies in the world, Bureau Veritas has always contributed to innovation in the maritime industry.

From the beginning, the provision of timely and cost-effective solutions for the safe and compliant operation of ships has been one of the core concerns of Bureau Veritas.

Smart digital solutions today are key for efficient and effective vessel operation management. Bureau Veritas VeriSTAR Info, My VeriSTAR, BV Approval Explorer and PSC Ready are very well recognized online tools in the Maritime Industry.

By partnering with [bluester], through its digital solutions Bureau Veritas gives easy and convenient access to one of the most innovative online platforms in the industry.

With Desktop Verification and On Site Inspection of service providers active on [bluester], Bureau Veritas assures safety and reliability for its users.

Buy on a transparent market

For all service needs [bluester] provides a full, unbiased and transparent market overview.

Service requests on principle receive quotations from all Providers servicing specified locations. It is solely buyer's choice to select the best offer from fully displayed Service Stations.

One RFQ can be sent to up to 5 different locations in one simple step. Currently close to 10.000 best rated Service Suppliers are available worldwide.

Work smarter and more efficient

RFQs on [bluester] always contain all information necessary. Exchanging e-mails to clarify work scope or to specify equipment is no issue. Any combination of individual service scopes can be included into the same RFQ: only offers are received back that cover the entire work scope.

[bluester] automatically presents the best match to pre-defined purchasing criteria. Painful, complicated, oftentimes insufficient single dimensional comparisons are history.

Have service execution arranged easily

Because RFQs and offers are complete on [bluester] pre and post service arrangements are almost done. Coordination of stakeholders is automatized with a special tool that takes into account vessel's actual position.

Avoid costly errors and mitigate risks

Processes on [bluester] safely guide through purchase and execution of Maritime Support Services and attached regulations. Expertise implemented helps to avoid costs resulting from faulty or incomplete RFQs or inefficient communication.

Standard Terms & Conditions guarantee legal certainty for all service contracts concluded.

Special services, like vetting of Service Providers against Sanction Lists and Banking Fraud, make buying Services on [bluester] by far safer than on any other way you may pursue.




Service related vessel and equipment management
Seamless access to all [bluester] Apps

✓ File vessels by entering an IMO number
✓ Use vessel data within all [bluester] Apps
✓ File and manage vessel equipment with the [bluester] Equipment Organizer
✓ Export proper equipment data into any of your systems
   (data could directly be filed by your vessel‘s crew online!)
✓ Receive smart service reminders to not miss out on due dates


Buying of services directly with Service Providers from all over the world

✓ Unlimited RFQs
✓ Vendor Qualification and Verification
     (Bureau Veritas/ MarTrust)
✓ Offer Weighing and Reactivation
✓ Activity Analyser
✓ Service Reminder Premium   (RFQ pre-configuration)
✓ AddOn Access   (Priority RFQ, Price Matcher, etc.)
✓ Multilevel Company-/ User Account
✓ Data Exchange via Rest API
✓ Data Import Service

Safety Equipment Services - worldwide

▸ Fire Fighting/ Protection
▸ Life-/ Rescueboats + Launching Appliances/ Release Gear
▸ Liferaft Launching Appliances/ Release Gear
▸ Personal Life Saving/ Protection (incl. Auxiliary Systems)
▸ Protective Clothing
▸ Check all services available in detail here!
380,00 EUR per vessel/ year


▸ Book per individual vessel
▸ Activate with only one Service Group
▸ Manage „premium“ and „basic“ vessels within the same account

Coming soon!

▸ Dry Dockings on Ship Yards
▸ Afloat Repairs on Ship Yards
▸ Conversions on Ship Yards
▸ Maintenance/ Repairs on Ship Yards
▸ UTM Services
▸ NDT Services
▸ Indpendent Surveyor Services
▸ MARPOL Services

What do I get for my money?

✓  Within minutes I can request as many services in as many ports as I like - always with all available suppliers at these ports

✓  I get access to 100% qualified service providers I have not had access to before

✓  I can create requests that address different groups of suppliers in just one single process, and I always receive back total offers

✓  I get clearly structured, comprehensive and simple comparable offers at once

✓  I can see how satisfied my colleagues in other shipping companies are with suppliers

✓  I can rely on the validation of suppliers by third parties! (Bureau Veritas, MarTrust)

✓  I can order a supplier at the push of a button

✓  I have service execution pre-arranged already by complete information exchange

✓  I can work from my smartphone

✓  I can easily store settlement offers to work compliantly

✓  I can easily view and evaluate my service activities

✓  I am notified of services due and have at hand requests pre-configured for these services